Are you looking for a speaker on a horticulture-related theme?  A list of some of the presentations that our members have developed to share can be found below.  If you’re interested in arranging for any of these presentations, please contact us.

One interesting option is for a few of our Master Gardeners to form an “Ask the Expert” panel at your event.  Ask us about that!

Rachel Burrows, no Zoom please

  • Pruning
  • Growing & Using Herbs
  • Attracting Birds to your Garden
  • Simple and Easy Flower Arrangements

Gladys Fowler

  • Square Foot Gardening — the practice of dividing the growing area into small square sections to maximize the growing area and minimize the maintenance.

Joan Harding

  • Preparing Your Gardens for Spring
  • Putting Your Gardens to Bed in the Fall
  • The 12 Plants of Christmas

Mary-Jane Pilgrim, no Zoom please

  • Basic Botany:  A little latin, some discussion on plant families and classification, and a few skills to be able to determine a plant’s family tree.  (spoiler alert *quizzes*)
  • Horticultural Trivia:  A lighthearted but challenging evening of “test your memory” on all things horticulture. Great for challenging your group to put their knowledge to the test, either individually or in groups.
  • Tips, Tricks & Slips:  After many years and thousands of plants, I sometimes think I’ve seen it all — but I clearly haven’t! Learn how to skip some of the biggest challenges and make your gardening journey a little easier.
  • Getting your Gardens Ready for Spring
  • Planning a Successful Flower/Veggie Garden
  • Xeriscaping
  • Compost 101
  • Invasive Species
  • Shrubs for All Seasons
  • Trees for Small Spaces
  • Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

Gary & Dianne Westlake:

  • Garden Art For Cheapskates – A lighter look at making your own objects for your garden.
  • Some Of Our Favourite Garden Mistakes – They share some of the mistakes they have made over the years as well as some they have seen.
  • Thinking Outside The Planter Box – A comprehensive guide to how to garden in containers.
  • Gardening While Old – Strategies for continuing to garden for the rest of your life.
  • What Are Lawns Good For – A plea for less lawn and more gardens.
  • What Not To Plant – On being very careful out there.

Peterborough, ON, Canada

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